Monday, October 27, 2008

Baby Fever

Okay, so that's just a tease. I DON'T quite have baby fever, despite having seen and held two delightful such creatures this past weekend. First, my sister delivered her third baby late Friday night - and I dislike her just a little bit because of her 6lb, 12 oz (full-term) boy who practically fell out after two pushes. :-) Sigh. I haven't yet posted my last two birth stories describing agonizingly long posterior births yeilding 8-plus pound boys (not wildly big, I know, but apparently about as much as I can handle). Anyway, Saturday evening we drove up to Rock Hill to see the new baby and make the rounds visiting with family and friends. Sunday we went to church with my mom, then enjoyed the enormous and incredibly delicious autumn feast she prepared for us. After we digested said meal a little, we rolled ourselves out to the car and drove out to see our good, good, GOOD friends, the Parkers. They recently built a new house on several acres, and also fairly recently, had their fifth baby, now a sweet roly-poly little girl. I held her, adored her, and still didn't feel a pang of baby-longing. That's not to say I've dismissed the idea of having another - just that I've developed a measure of philosophical patience about it. :-) AT ANY RATE...the Parkers are true kindred spirits, and we simply love spending time with them, our Sunday afternoon this time being no exception. Lisa and I have been friends since we were 9 and 11, and while we haven't always walked similar paths, we certainly do now, so when we get together, we fairly wallow in understanding and support. Our husbands have only known each other since Dave and I were married, but they get along wonderfully, and especially love to swap crazy-wife stories (which are always eerily - and hysterically - similar). And our children...have there been such kindred spirits before? They are the best of friends, and spend wondrous hours together. So our afternoon with them was idyllic, but we tore ourselves away to swing by to see Dave's parents before returning to my mom's. This morning we dropped in briefly to see my dad before winding our way home again. We were able to return on a weekday, by the way, because Dave is off today and the next couple days (paid) while his office is being audited. We are, of course, happy to enjoy this surprise mini-vacation with him, but I am, admittedly, very nervous about anything that might affect his job. But if I can shelve that for the next couple days, I will, and just enjoy these beautiful fall days with Dave and our four (and staying that way for now!) children!


Hannah said...

Oh, you are a tease indeed.

It's soooo nice to have such wonderful friends like that! What a blessing.

courtney said...

LOL! I don't really get that urge when I hold other babies either.
BTW, you've been tagged! Swing over to my blog and get the rules. :)